Decorative homemade cushion covers

Enhance the atmosphere in your living room – with creative cushion covers and edding textile markers

To create a relaxing cosy, ambience in your living room, design your own pillow case or cushion cover by adding simple, warm, homely words such as LOVE, HOME, PEACE, or use your favourite quotes and phrases or pictures of hearts, butterflies, doves... the possibilities are endless! You can then use them to dress up your sofa or create a cosy corner where you can simply snuggle up and unwind.

All you need is some plain, light-coloured cushion covers, edding textile markers (available with fine and broad nibs and in 20 bold colours) and our downloadable stencils (or create your own). We show you how easily it's done.

Home decor
Living room
Textile markers and pens
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Plain light-coloured fabric (e.g.cotton or linen) cushion cover or pillow case
  • Small piece of light-coloured fabric to create your motif 
  • Stencils for the letters – from an art & crafts or a stationery store, or you can use our stencils as downloadable PDF files
  • Cardboard the same size as the covers
  • An iron

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