Decorating fabric bags

Add a personal design to your PE bag with edding textile markers and pens

These fabulous customised fabric PE bags are just the job to avoid mix-ups up at school or nursery. It’s so easy to draw your own designs on light-coloured bags by hand with the help of our textile markers and pens. Bold letters, phrases or cheerful patterns – there's no limit to your creativity with these versatile markers. The textile pens have a fine nib, making them ideal for outlines, lettering and detailed drawings, whilst the textile markers have broad nibs which means they're perfect for large designs and colouring in. There are 20 vibrant, coordinated colours to choose from.

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Products and materials

Other materials

  • A plain fabric bag
  • Cardboard to prevent ink bleed
  • Sewing instructions (if you're making your own bag)
  • Design templates and stencils for letters (these are available for download)
  • An iron to fix the design


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