Creative decorations made with pebbles

Zendoodle with edding and material from nature

Taking a little time out to draw or paint is a very popular way to relax these days. You don’t even have to be artistic – you just have to enjoy being creative with strokes, loops and detailed patterns. With our creative rock painting ideas, your relaxing break starts as soon as you’re strolling along the beach, gazing across the wide ocean as you comb the beach for smooth, attractive-looking pebbles or stones to paint.

Having first used black fineliners to draw patterns on paper, we then tried out our favourite designs on pebbles using the edding gloss paint markers. We were very impressed with our simple, yet highly effective, Zendoodle patterns! These delicate lines and patterns look beautiful on both light and dark-coloured pebbles. The opaque, paint-like ink in the gloss paint markers is available in up to 18 vibrant colours, including a range of brilliant metallic shades.

Colouring and Zendoodle
Paint markers
Concrete and stone
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Light or dark-coloured pebbles/rocks, the smoothest you can find
  • Pencil (optional)

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