Create your own photo book

A unique photo book to preserve priceless memories

Make your own personalised photo album or book and decorate it with handwritten notes and comments for a really special touch. It would make a wonderful gift – you could give it to someone at Christmas, for example. Here at edding we have a range of amazing products that are perfect for the job.

Our gloss paint markers, edding 780 and edding 751, are indispensable for writing comments and drawing decorative elements thanks to their extremely fine nib and amazing colours. You could also use the edding gel roller, available in seven metallic colours and two pastel shades, to make photo captions and little notes that look really striking on matt light- or dark coloured paper or card. Finally, add a stylish and bold decorative finish to your exclusive photo book with our edding 1200 metallic colour pens which are available in six brilliant metallic colours.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • Printed photo book
  • Alternatively, pictures for a photo album

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