Cheerful Easter decoration

Eggs-ellent Easter decorations made easy with edding matt paint markers

Turn a bland-looking foodstuff into an original Easter decoration by using blown-out eggs to create a beautiful Easter basket. All you need to decorate Easter eggs are some edding matt paint markers and your creative talent. Painted eggs will look just as lovely as a decoration on an Easter Sunday table as they do hanging on a branch in the garden – and because the edding matt paint markers are waterproof, they're wonderfully suited to making Easter decorations in springtime. A great way to present the eggs is in a homemade basket made of papier-mâché which you can decorate with Easter motifs (such as little Easter bunnies) using a matt paint marker.

Paint markers
Paper, carton and cardboard
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • 2-3 eggs, cleaned and blown out
  • Balloons
  • White tissue paper
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Bowl for mixing the glue
  • Dowel for stirring

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