Journaling January: New Year’s resolutions

A good way to get your resolutions to stick!

Journals are becoming increasingly popular. And it’s no wonder, because they’re such a brilliant way of tracking ideas and appointments, planning activities, drawing up weekly schedules and much, much more. In response to this trend, every month we’re going to show you how to create a journal on a set theme. We’re starting at the beginning of the New Year, and it’s all about making resolutions. With the help of sketchnotes, text entries, photos, stickers and bright motifs, you can turn a plain notebook into a custom-designed planner that will help you in your efforts to stick to your goals. What’s really nice is that you can plan out all the pages so they look exactly the way you want, whilst at the same time expressing yourself creatively. Naturally, you’ll need the right type of pens, and the Colour Happy Big Box from edding gives you the perfect selection of colours and pen types at your fingertips, enabling you to unlock your creativity – 69 carefully co-ordinated pens plus the brush pen colour mixer for colour blending.


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  • We’ve got a variety of templates ready for you to use
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