Bullet journal mood tracker

Indulge your creativity: use beautiful colours to track your feelings on paper

Mood diaries, also known as ‘mood trackers’, are the latest trend in journaling. Like habit trackers which allow you to display your eating habits, exercise routines and sleeping patterns (the list is endless) in creative fashion, mood trackers let you display your moods and feelings, allowing you to visualise – month by month – what it is that makes you happy or sad, helping you to analyse your feelings. All you need is a notebook or an attractive exercise book and some suitable pens. The Colour Happy Box from edding gives you exactly the products you need to indulge your creativity and portray your feelings in colourful style: 69 perfectly colour-coordinated fibre pens, fineliners, brush pens and gel rollers in a wide array of colours and varying nib widths, plus the brush pen colour mixer – all in a single box.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • Notebook or blank exercise book with a minimum of 12 double pages
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Ruler

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