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Kids' birthday party

A child’s birthday is always more fun with crafting ideas from edding

If nothing else, kids’ birthdays should always be fun – ideally for children and adults alike. It doesn’t matter whether you want to decorate your windows, design t-shirts or create miniature models. The most important thing is that any paints you use are free from harmful substances. We’ve collected together a range of great ideas to ensure your next children’s birthday party will be fun for all the family.

Decorate your own bunting

Decorate your own bunting

Fabric bunting ideas – for birthdays, weddings and special occasions

Next time you’re holding a party, why not design your own bunting? It’s so simple, and your guests are bound to be impressed! Our textile...

Design invitations

Design invitations

Birthday, anniversary, celebration – whatever the occasion, make it special with homemade invitations

Make beautiful invitations with stylish writing with the help of the brilliant colours of the edding 4000 matt paint marker. For a...

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