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First ever Blue Angel for a highlighter: the edding 24 EcoLine highlighter awarded prestigious ecolabel

The edding 24 EcoLine highlighter has been awarded the “Blue Angel” ecolabel, the highest accolade for eco-friendliness in Germany. This is the very first time that a marker pen has been honoured with the Blue Angel award.

The Blue Angel ecolabel is awarded by an independent jury based on the strictest environmental criteria. “We are absolutely delighted that our highlighter has been awarded this top-class label, and we hope that, through this product, we can play a part in preserving resources,” commented Per Ledermann, Chairman of the Management Board at edding AG.

Strict criteria behind the Blue Angel

After undergoing rigorous testing, only products that prove to be more environmentally friendly than others serving the same purpose are eligible for this label. To be considered for this award, products must be made in a resource-efficient, environmentally-friendly manner, have a long service life, contain no substances harmful to health and be easy to recycle. At the same time, the product must be able to fulfil its intended function to a high level of quality.* The Blue Angel ecolabel initiative has been supported by the German government for 40 years, designed to protect people and the environment and, in particular, to make it easier for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. Anyone using products or services bearing the Blue Angel ecolabel can be sure that they are acting in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable manner whilst helping to create the “world of tomorrow”.

Eco-friendly features, both inside and out

The jury was suitably impressed by the outstanding eco-friendly properties of the edding 24 EcoLine highlighter. Its cap and barrel are made from a minimum of 90% renewable resources. The neck piece and filter fibres, meanwhile, are made from at least 97% recycled material. The marker is refillable (naturally), a factor which can significantly lengthen its life span. Even the sales packaging, made entirely of recycled cardboard, meets the requirements of the Blue Angel. There are five brilliant neon colours to choose from, ideal for highlighting texts and making notes on virtually all kinds of paper surfaces. The edding 24 is part of the EcoLine series which, besides highlighters, also includes permanent, whiteboard and flipchart markers manufactured predominantly from recycled material.

*Source:  https://www.blauer-engel.de/en

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