Certificates and awards​

The certificates and awards we have received over the years reflect our great commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. As a company with a strong pioneering spirit, we work to always develop further and are very proud of every single certificate and award we receive. In 2024, we applied for the German Sustainability Award with our profit-for strategy and submitted the conversion of our aluminum shafts to 100% recycled aluminum to the Federal EcoDesign Award.​


edding is awarded Germany’s leading ecolabel for products and services

The edding 24 EcoLine highlighter

Now also in pastel colours!

Welcome to the family: In addition to the existing five neon colours of the edding 24 EcoLine highlighter - that was the first to be awarded the "Blue Angel" eco-label in 2018 – are now five new pastel colours variations.

Anyone trying to find new ways of looking after the environment will often find that the solutions come from nature itself. Here at edding, we’ve worked hard to develop the most eco-friendly product in its category. The result is our edding 24 EcoLine highlighter series, made predominantly from renewable resources such as sugar cane. We’ve been rewarded for our efforts as we have now been awarded the Blue Angel ecolabel – a first for highlighters everywhere!

Holders of the Blue Angel, Germany’s leading ecolabel for products and services, have every reason to feel proud as it is only awarded to manufacturers who genuinely care deeply about protecting resources, the environment and health.

ISO certificates frame our activities​

By introducing our management systems, we have given our activities a framework within which we move, develop ideas and set goals. ​

The processes of our quality management system (ISO 9001) are not only lived, but are actively developed further by our employees, but also our customers and partners. The cornerstones of our environmental management (ISO 14001) include resource conservation by working with alternative materials (renewable raw materials, recycled materials), waste management and the collection of environmental indicators and greenhouse gas emissions. The energy management system (ISO 50001) serves the responsible and sustainable use of energy as an important basis for our economic existence. Our health and occupational safety management (ISO 45001) puts the safety and needs of our employees first. We have defined the guidelines for our company's social responsibility in our CR mission statement, which is based on ISO 26000 (Guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility). With Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP (ISO 22716, DIN 17169) we ensure that all legal requirements according to cosmetics law are met in our own tattoo ink production, in quality assurance and in the storage of these products.

EcoLine series - climate-neutral with the help of offsetting.

Since the beginning of 2020, EcoLine products have been available with the Climate Partner seal. This seal shows that the greenhouse gas emissions of the EcoLine are offset with the help of compensation. The production of the sustainable series in Bautzen, Saxony, is ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certified which stands for an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production process. The use of recycled materials and renewable raw materials, as well as production with modern, energy-efficient machines ensures the conservation of resources and energy efficiency, and CO2e emissions have been reduced as much as possible in recent years. The emissions that we are currently unable to further minimize ourselves are offset by compensation payments. We are currently supporting the construction and maintenance of wind turbines in Chile as an offsetting project. Further information on the "Gold Standard VER (GS VER) certified project and the offset greenhouse gas emissions can be found at the following link:https://fpm.climatepartner.com/tracking/project/13742-1910-1001/1272/en

Offsetting supports SDGs 7 (Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all), 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and 13 (Climate action)


Continuing excellence!

The EcoLine range  does not stop excelling! In December 2022, our EcoLine scored another success: The award of the German Sustainability Award Design 2023.

The German Sustainability Award Design is Germany's award for sustainable design. It honours the best solutions in all areas. By design, we mean not only the design of physical products, but the development of all conceivable products, systems or services. Ideally, development begins with the question of how the result can achieve the greatest possible positive impact for sustainability; design and implementation are guided by this. 

Back in 2020, the EcoLine was awarded the Bundespreis ecodesign, which has been awarded annually since 2012 by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency in cooperation with the International Design Center Berlin.

Award for ecologically sustainable brands - Green Brands Award

The green EcoLine range just got greener!

For the fifth time in succession, the edding EcoLine range has been honoured a "Green Brand" by the international brand marketing organisation GREEN BRANDS, which awarded it a four-star seal of approval. The award acknowledges the brand’s commitment to climate-protection, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

GREEN BRANDS run environmentally-friendly production processes and consistently demonstrate shared responsibility towards the protection of natural resources. In addition, they are highly committed to sustainability, preserving the natural environment and safeguarding the balance of nature.

EcoLine wins the federal ecodesign award 2020​

EcoLine wins the federal ecodesign award 2020​

​Our environmentally friendly product range edding EcoLine has won the federal ecodesign award 2020. In her laudatory speech, jury member Prof. Anna Berkenbusch emphasizes that when developing the EcoLine, all stages of the product life cycle were consistently considered and the markers were optimized with a particular focus on longevity.​

The federal environment ministry and the federal environment agency have been awarding the federal ecodesign prize annually since 2012 in cooperation with the International Design Center Berlin. The federal ecodesign prize honors outstandingly designed, sustainable products, services and concepts. 

Award for ecologically sustainable brands - Green Brands Award

edding Highlighter wins “PBS Green Award”​

Our edding 24 EcoLine Highlighter was named winner in the writing instruments category at the PBS Green Award 2022. The edding 24 EcoLine Highlighter highlighter has outstanding, environmentally friendly properties: the cap and barrel of the marker consist of at least 90 percent renewable raw materials, the mouthpiece and the filter fibers are almost entirely made of recycled material. The marker is also refillable, which can significantly extend its lifespan and avoid waste.