Attend the European Window Drawing Weeks!

Attend the International Window Drawing Weeks!

Together let’s draw the World’s longest Window Drawing!

Yes, it's that time again! From November 21st to December 31st, 2022 we celebrate the Window Drawing Weeks. Starring the edding chalk markers – we invite you, your friends and your family to connect, create and decorate the end of 2022. In this festive way we show that we are connected during the most atmospheric time of the year!

Want to join the fun? Getting involved is simple, follow the steps below and upload a picture of your window drawing. All submissions are automatically entered into our competition, where you might be the lucky winner of an amazing edding prize bundle!

So go on – join the fun and leave your mark with edding.

How to participate in the Window Drawing Weeks 2022

'Cómo participar en Semanas de Pintar Ventanas 2022

El plazo de envío está abierto del 21 de noviembre de 2022 al 6 de enero de 2023.
Participar es divertido y fácil al mismo tiempo. Sigue los pasos que hay a continuación y postea en redes sociales con el hashtag #semanasdepintarventanas. ¡Tal vez ganes un increíble premio! Los pasos son:

•Paso 1 - Diseña tu Decoración de Ventana
•Paso 2 - Elige tu marcador de tiza ideal
•Paso 3 - ¡Crea tu Decoración de Ventana!
•Paso 4 - Haz una foto
•Paso 5 - Sube tu Decoración de Ventana
•Paso 6 - Gana

¿Aún no sabes cómo crear una maravillosa Decoración de Ventana? ¡Pues echa un ojo a los tutoriales de Cynthia [link al vídeo de Cynthia Vertessen] y Karin [link al vídeo de Karin Luttenberg] en el paso 3! No olvides compartir tu Decoración de Ventana con el resto del mundo usando el hashtag #semanasdepintarventanas. 

Step 1 - Design your Window Drawing

Design your window drawing

It all starts with an idea. You can use our template generator, draw freehand or download and print one of our special window drawing templates. Stick the template on the window, start tracing and watch your windows transform into a festive masterpiece. 

Note: if you want the drawing to be readable from the outside, stick the mirror image on the outside. You can then trace the drawing from the inside.

Step 2 - Choose the right chalk marker

edding chalk marker

All you need to make a window drawing is a nice clean window and a good chalk marker. The edding chalk markers have water-based liquid chalk, so you can easily remove the window drawing with a wet cloth. 

Our edding chalk markers

Choose the right chalk marker

No edding chalk marker at home? You can buy them at the following online and store outlets:

The Online Pen Company
Hope education

Step 3 - Draw your Window Drawing!

Window Drawing

When you have your design and chalk marker to hand, you can start drawing. Not quite sure about your window drawing skills? Karin and Cynthia show you through a tutorial how they make a window drawing, as well as a few additional handy hints and tips!

Step 4 - Take a picture

Take a picture

When you’ve finished your Window Drawing take a clear photograph ready for uploading or posting.

It is best to take a photo in the evening (without flash), when you are subjected to less sunlight and reflections on the window.


To ensure that all window drawings are nicely connected, it is best to photograph a little extra space around your window. Think of the frame and a piece of wall. In this way the houses and drawings are connected to each other.

Step 5 - Upload your Window Drawing

Upload your Window Drawing

Help us to create something big.
This year we want to draw the World’s longest Window Drawing! Will you be participating?

Share with the #windowdrawingweeks your Window Drawing with us between 29th November – 31st December 2021 or upload it via the button below and you will get a chance to win great prizes!

Step 6 - Win

edding Window Drawing Week Prizes


When you have uploaded or posted your window drawing with the following hashtag: #windowdrawingweeks, it will be added to the longest window drawing in the world. But not only that… you will automatically be entered into our competition where you could win one of many prizes!

This year, if you get 1st place you'll win one year of free creativity! With this prize you will win a fantastic selection of edding markers delivered monthly to your door which gives you 12 months full of creative fun!

For second place, you could win a creative edding workshop run by one of our influencers for you and your friends.

If you come 3rd, 4th or in 5th place you could win one of our Colour Happy Big boxes and Acrylic starter sets.

Last but not least we've also got prizes for those who finish in 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place. If you are one of these lucky people, you could win a Colour Happy big box.

Keep an eye on this website, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for the edding newsletter. The winners will be announced through these channels in early January 2022.

Newsletter sign-up
1st prize
2nd prize
3rd prize
4th prize

Share with friends, family or your neighbours!

Share with friends, family or your neighbours!


Share your window drawing on your socials and inspire your friends, family or neighbours to make the longest window drawing in the world together. 

You can find your window drawing on our website among all uploaded window drawings, but also via social media when you share your image with #windowdrawingweeks