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Milk carton crafts

A fabulous recycling project idea for Mother’s Day created from Tetra Pak

It seems such a waste to throw away empty milk and juice cartons when there are so many wonderful upcycling ideas around. Take a look at these little gift bags, for example. This milk carton craft idea uses the silvery inner surface of a Tetra Pak carton to make a pretty bag for flower seeds. The edding 1800 profipen is ideal for decorating the outside of the bag with a matching plant design – a lovely gift idea for Mother’s Day! If you prefer, you can fill the bag with other goodies or tasty treats instead of seeds: how about some fragrant tea or your favourite sweets (you can put in whatever you like, as long as it’s small enough to fit inside the bag ;-).

Día de la madre
Regalos especiales
Paper, carton and cardboard
Grado de dificultad
Pan comido
Descargar imágenes

Paso a paso

Productos y materiales

Otros materiales

  • Empty Tetra Pak milk cartons
  • Scissors, craft knife
  • Needle and thread, or sewing machine
  • Glue (as an alternative)
  • Flower seeds

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