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Easter window decorations

It’s time to give your window a new look!

We have an “eggcellent” decoration idea for some Easter family fun: drawing on windows with chalk markers. Anyone can have a go at this, and even children will have a great time joining in. The practical thing about window chalk is that it’s easy to remove with a damp cloth. So, if you make a mistake or you don’t like what you’ve drawn, no problem – simply wipe it off and start afresh! The edding chalk markers are filled with liquid chalk, specially formulated for drawing on smooth surfaces such as glass and mirrors. Choose from the fine-nibbed edding 4095 chalk marker or the edding 4090 with its extra-broad nib. There are 10 opaque colours in the range with white and neon shades. Illustrating on glass surfaces is super-easy. Anyone can achieve great results: simply place a template behind the glass and copy the motif!

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