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A bright DIY wall decoration idea

Turn a creative wall decoration into an original piece of art for your home

Colours inspired by nature are very much in at the moment. For example, light and dark shades of green together with a strong, deep yellow will brighten your mood and make an interesting combination for creative wall decor. The recent addition to the edding permanent spray range is the perfect answer to this latest trend: vibrant amber. Amber is a natural substance which has a calming effect; it feels warm and sensuous to the touch and symbolises the joy of living. Add splashes of vibrant amber to your living room to create a positive and harmonious ambience and team it with moss green for a beautiful contrast. We used these gorgeous natural shades to create this bold wall decor which would make a really eye-catching feature for the home. The floor lamp has an amber-coloured beam of light that can never be switched off – a unique piece of wall art that’s easy for DIYers.

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Sprays permanentes
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Productos y materiales

Otros materiales

  • Two wooden panels, in different sizes
  • Adhesive tape or masking tape 
  • Masking film to cover the blank areas
  • Protective cover for spraying, gloves
  • Floor lamp for presenting the design effectively

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