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Creative card design made easy

Card making with a personal touch - using edding 1200 metallic colourpens

A fireplace isn't the only way of creating a cosy home atmosphere because you can add to the ambience with some creatively designed home decorations. These Leporello cards in brown and dark blue tones work particularly well with this comfort theme in mind, as well as being ideal for invitations to parties, small gifts and greetings cards – or simply as a creative addition to your living room! The concertina style makes a real eye-catcher when designed with edding metallic colourpens. The various metallic colours look really good on dark paper and allow you to create cards with artistic licence, giving every room a personal touch – try adding song lyrics, for instance.

Paso a paso

Productos y materiales

Otros materiales

  • Thick craft paper in light blue and dark brown (or any other colour of your choice)
  • Scissors, glue
  • Light carbon copy paper (optional)

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