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Christmas cookie tins

Looking for a beautiful gift idea? Decorate a cookie tin for your best friend!

Looking for an oh-so-special Christmas gift for your loved one? How about some home-made cookies in a matching biscuit tin? Creating your own, personalised cookie tin is just as fun as baking the delicious treats! Beautifully wrapped, home-made cookies are the perfect gift from the heart, whether for your best friend or a family member. Make sure you do all the necessary preparations before you begin. Nose through recipe books, browse websites and find recipes old and new to ensure you have all the most delicious ingredients in your cupboard. Before long, your home will be filled with the irresistible scent of freshly baked cinnamon stars, vanilla crescents and nut cookies! After they’ve been left to cool, you should package your biscuits as quickly as possible – and biscuit tins are perfect for this! Home-decorated tins with a Christmassy theme or an amusing message are particularly charming. With the edding gloss paint markers, you can create stunningly decorated tins with ease. The opaque, paint-like ink offers lasting results on almost all smooth, light and dark surfaces. The versatile markers – available in up to 18 lustrous colours and a range of stroke widths – are sure to impress people with their really glossy finish.

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  • Metal biscuit tin 
  • Selfmade cookies
  • Napkin made of paper

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