Window Drawing Week - edding

Window drawing templates

In need of inspiration? Or do you just want a handy example to trace? Then download the templates below for free. On this page you will find various window drawing templates. From window garlands to Christmas and New Years Cheer

With our free chalk marker templates you can easily and quickly create a chalk drawing on your window in different sizes and themes. To make it even easier, most of the templates are available in a mirrored version. This way, texts in the window drawing can also be read from the outside.

How does it work?

Proceed as follows:

  1. Choose a window drawing template. If it is a design with text, choose the mirrored version so that - if desired - it is readable from the outside.
  2. Choose M, L or XL, depending on the size of your window or your wishes.
  3. Download the window drawing template and print it out.
  4. Size M fits 1 A4 or A3. If you have chosen L or XL, the template comes in 3 to 4 parts. You have to cut these along the dotted lines and stick them together with masking tape.
  5. Stick the template to the other side of the window with masking tape.
  6. Trace the window drawing on the inside of your window (so that the drawing cannot get wet).
  7. Done!

Have fun window drawing!




Window Slings


New Years Eve



Fan templates

Looking for chalk markers?

To participate in the Window Drawing Weeks, all you need is a nice clean window and a good chalk marker. The edding chalk markers are ideal for use on windows, glass and other non porous surfaces. In addition, the liquid chalk is water-based, so you can easily remove the window crank with a wet cloth. No edding chalk marker at home? You can buy them at the following online and store outlets:

Artist & Craftsman
Jerry's Artarama
Jerry's Franchise CT
Jerry's Franchise TN
Jerry's Franchise NJ