Upcycling idea for football fans

DIY hanging plant pots

Football fans aren’t the only ones who’ll love this rather special upcycling idea. We’ve made a hanging basket using an old football – a fun, creative idea not just during the Euro Cup. Even once the final whistle has sounded, you can still enjoy the beautiful flowers in our DIY hanging basket. The edding permanent spray is ideal for transforming a football into a plant container. We sprayed some parts of the football in copper. You’ll be amazed at how good a discarded football can look in this warm, shiny metallic shade. Of course, all kinds of ball – from basketballs to volleyballs – are perfect for off-beat upcycling ideas. A small tip: make sure you ask the kids for permission before you turn their ball into a decoration!

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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Discarded football (preferably made of segments sewn together)
  • Wide sticky tape
  • Cover sheet/sheets for spraying, gloves
  • Punch pliers, cutters
  • Wide ribbon for hanging the plant pot
  • Plastic film and plants


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