Snazzy DIY plant tags

A clever way to look after thirsty cacti

Succulent plants and cacti are very popular these days, adorning windowsills in homes and offices everywhere. Not only are they easy to look after, their unusual shapes make them really eye-catching amongst all the greenery. They don’t need much water and can survive long dry spells, making them perfect for those who travel a lot or have little time for watering. Draw attention to your precious plants with these cool, homemade flowerpot labels. It’s also a practical solution for times when you can’t be there to water them yourself: simply write brief care instructions for each plant on the labels. edding fibre pens with a calligraphy nib are ideal for this; available in three different stroke widths, they make handwriting look expressive almost without trying!


Products and materials

Other materials

  • Thick white writing paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler if you prefer to use one
  • Wooden skewer, adhesive tape


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