Photo album decoration with brush lettering

A memory book of the year’s best moments

What could be more delightful than capturing holiday highlights or special memories from the past year and preserving them in a photo album or memory book? As well as selecting the best snapshots, we think it’s well worth putting extra effort into the design of the front cover. Brush lettering – the art of writing with a brush pen – is an ideal way of creating an expressive album title with calligraphic features. The style of the title should harmonise with the inside of the book and entice the receiver to open it up and turn the pages. The Colour Happy Box from edding gives you just the right pens you need for brush lettering: it contains 20 edding 1340 brush pens as well as the ingenious Brush Pen Colour Mixer, a clever tool which is capable of creating up to 190 colour shades from just 20 standard colours. To make the photo book more engaging and personal, add some handwritten notes or captions next to the individual pictures.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • A memory book or photo album with a light-coloured cardboard cover (e.g. spiral bound type)
  • Optional: pencil for sketching out the design, carbon copy paper

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