Lovely handmade greetings cards

Silver meets pink with the edding gel roller

This smart-looking card is easy to make and can be used for all sorts of occasions. And since birthday, wedding and anniversary cards are in demand throughout the year, a handmade congratulations card is the perfect solution! A customised greetings card is sure to impress as it stands out from shop-bought cards and their generic best wishes. As well as passing on congratulations, you’ll be expressing your appreciation to your friends and family – it'll give twice the pleasure! And it’s all very easy with edding gel rollers and our hints and tips.

The specially developed and odourless gel ink makes writing with the edding gel roller a real pleasure. It smoothly glides over the paper, while achieving the desired effect of a delightful contrast of light and dark. The pen, which is available in 16 shades, works especially well on dark coloured paper and card and is ready to use straight away.

Craft your own cards
Gel rollers
Paper, carton and cardboard
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Card in different colours, for instance pink and light grey
  • Piece of black masking tape
  • Scissors, glue, compass 

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