Intricate art on dark canvas

Artistic mandala showpiece

Set against black canvas, this piece of art will add a real touch of glamour to your home. The gleaming metallic colours combined with subtle shades (such as moss green and elegant midnight) create a sophisticated look, making this the perfect picture to display in autumn or wintertime. edding acrylic markers contain opaque ink to help create awesome works of art – not only on white canvas and paper, but also on black backgrounds, as demonstrated here in our striking example. You can arrange the dots, lines and teardrops absolutely any way you like. This gives you endless licence to play with different colours, shapes and layouts. In fact, the possibilities are limitless!

How to paint with acrylics
Acrylic range
A bit more challenging
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Black canvas (A3)
  • Round objects in suitable sizes to draw round
  • Soft pencil


Additional images

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