DIY fridge magnets

Inspired by nature – crafting with wood

We’ve been wondering why fridge magnets are almost always made of plastic or metal. Why not make them out of wood? And anyway, homemade magnets are so much nicer than bought ones and totally unique. No sooner said than done! That’s how these lovely fridge magnets came about, which we made from mini slices of wood. Wood is a versatile natural material and is wonderful for crafting.

For designs on rough surfaces such as wood or leather, our edding matt paint markers are the perfect choice. The ink is completely opaque and dries to a subtle matt finish. There are 12 semi-matt shades to choose from, including white, gold and silver, and two different stroke widths. Use them to jazz up the wood slices and personalise them with pretty patterns or cool messages. And don’t forget that homemade fridge magnets like these would make a great gift for a party host.

Special gifts
Paint markers
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Small wood slices (e.g. from a craft shop)
  • Small magnets
  • Two-part epoxy adhesive (e.g. UHU Epoxy Quick Set)

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