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edding Tech Solutions

Pioneering digital technologies

In 2018, we founded edding Tech Solutions GmbH. Based in Munich, this new subsidiary focuses on the development and distribution of pioneering digital technologies for marking and printing. Our portfolio is built around two technologies: edding code and edding compact printer.

  • edding code is an exciting disruptive new technology that uses conductive ink for interactive packaging, brand protection, document verification and marketing
  • edding compact printer is an innovative, next-generation solution for industrial marking

Ink in our veins

For more than 55 years, edding has been the specialist for marking on almost any surface, in both home and professional settings. edding consistently offers customers the best solution, whatever their requirements. Our products apply long-lasting, high-quality ink to all manner of surfaces; from paper to plastic, concrete to metal and glass.

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Contact person

Hannes Behacker

edding Tech Solutions GmbH
Luise-Ullrich-Str. 20
80636 München

edding compact printers

Industrial printing technology - edding Compact printer

Industrial printers: smart solutions that are simple to use

The edding 12 compact printer is revolutionary technology made simple: smart, easy to use, and versatile enough to print on almost any material in almost any location – from a factory floor to a construction site. Everything about the edding 12 compact printer has been designed with the customer in mind. The unparalleled connectivity means you can connect printers with different systems; whether that’s Ethernet, DHCP or simply via a web browser on any device. Production downtime has been kept to a minimum by ensuring ink cartridges can be changed in under 60 seconds. Made in Germany, the high quality, all-in-one box comes with all the accessories you could possibly need.

Two options are available. To take your production line into the Industry 4.0 era, the edding in-line 12 is the right choice. While the edding portable 12 is the perfect solution for flexible printing wherever you are, with its compact design and powerful Metabo battery.

edding In-line 12

edding in-line 12 compact printer

Innovative, compact and easy to use in any production line.

edding portable 12 compact printer

Flexible, compact and smart for use anywhere on site.

edding code

edding Code - embedded innovation

Introducing edding code - the invisible QR code

"edding code" makes the ordinary, extraordinary. Using conventional printing methods, the electronic ID tags are embedded in everyday paper products for inventive applications in everything from brand authentication to fun, interactive packaging. Delivering greater security than optical recognition systems and at a lower cost than RFID and NFC technologies, edding code is smart, convenient, versatile – and very easy to use. An intuitive mobile phone app connected to the tag, means that this next generation eID solution is available to anyone with a smartphone.

Brand protection

Protect your product and brand with our embedded identification tag. edding code will connect to your customer's smartphone, enabling them to verify your product's authenticity.

Document verification

Give customers confidence your documents are authentic.

Marketing and promotion

Use edding Code to make your marketing and promotional campaigns uniquely interactive.

Interactive packaging

Take customer engagement to a new level by making your product packaging interactive.

Government & special projects

Contact our partner PRISMADE for technologies applicable to projects where security is a priority (e.g. government documents).


Per Ledermann - CEO of edding AG

Interview with Per Ledermann

The CEO's interview with German newspaper "Handelsblatt"

Hannes Behacker, Managing Director edding Tech Solutions GmbH

Next-generation marking in a digital world

An article by Hannes Behacker, Managing Director of edding Tech Solutions GmbH

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