Give 2020 the Sling!

Together let's draw the World’s longest Window Sling!

This winter, join edding in celebrating the end of 2020 through our ‘Window Drawing Weeks’ campaign. Starring the edding chalk markers – we invite you, your friends and your family to connect, create and decorate the end of a truly forgettable year!

Want to join the fun? Getting involved is very simple, follow the steps below and upload a picture of your window sling. All submissions are automatically entered into our competition, where you might be the lucky winner of an amazing edding prize bundle!

So go on be a Slinger – join the fun and leave your mark with edding.

How to participate in the Window Drawing Weeks 2020

Submissions open 23rd November 2020 – 18th December 2020

Participation is fun and at the same time very simple. Follow the steps below and post it on social media with the hashtag #WindowDrawingWeeks. Who knows, you might win a nice prize too! The steps are explained below.

Step 1 - Design your Window Sling

Working individually or as a group…

Start with a design, idea or concept in mind. Then you can either draw freehand directly onto your window or download and print out one (or a combination) of our special Window Sling templates and off you go!

Hints & Tips

When using a template, tape the template onto the window and trace your design onto the ‘other’ side of the glass.

Note: if you want any writing to be readable from the outside, print and stick the ‘mirrored’ image templates on the outside of your window and draw your sling from the inside of the window.

Step 2 - Choose the right chalk marker

Where can I get edding chalk markers?

All you need to draw a Window Sling is a nice clean window and our edding chalk markers. The edding chalk markers contain a water-based liquid chalk, which makes it easy to remove or edit simply and easily with a damp cloth. Don’t own any edding chalk markers? Not a problem, you can find local stockists of our edding chalk markers below:

The Online Pen Company

Take a look at our edding chalk markers

Step 3 - Draw your Window Sling!

Let's get started

When you have your design and chalk marker at hand, you can start drawing. For inspiration or simply to be well prepared, you can view the tutorials by our Campaign Ambassadors – Sarah Bloor and Farrah Azam on our Instagram and Facebook pages, where you can see exactly how to draw a window sling, as well as a few additional handy hints and tips!

Step 4 - Take a picture

Photograph your artwork

When you’ve finished your Window Sling take a clear photograph ready for uploading.

It is best to take a photo in the evening (without flash), because then you will be less bothered by sunlight and reflections on the window!

Step 5 - Upload your Window Sling

Help us to create something big

This year we want to draw the World’s longest Window Sling! Will you participate?

Share your Window Sling with us between 23rd November - 18th December 2020 and you will get a chance to win great prizes!

Step 6 - Win

Get a chance to win great prizes

Once you have uploaded your Window Sling, it will be added to the World’s longest Window Sling gallery. But not only that... you will automatically be entered into our weekly competitions with a chance to win one of our amazing edding prize bundles!

To keep up-to-date with our #WindowDrawingWeeks campaign, keep checking back on the progress via this website, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for the edding newsletter. The winners will be announced via these channels each week throughout the campaign.

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