Printable yet unique Mother's Day card

Beautiful craft idea from the heart

What could be more heart-warming for any mother than receiving a homemade gift? And it doesn’t have to be expensive or fiddly. Take this simple Mother’s Day card, for example, with a big heart right in the middle – you simply print it out and colour it in. The template is ready for you to download, so you just need to cut it out and decorate it. The edding Funtastics fibre pens for children are perfect for colouring in, providing endless colouring fun for even the youngest of children. Older children can help the little ones with the cutting out, but when it comes to colouring in the card, kids of all ages can really let themselves go. The Funtastics fibre pens are robust and specially designed for small hands. They come in two different stroke widths and up to 18 bright and cheerful colours.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • Scissors
  • Sheet of white paper
  • “MUM” template

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