Painting cups and mugs: A cuppa with a smile

Cheerful mugs, designed with the edding 4200 porcelain brushpen

Cheer up your coffee morning or afternoon tea break, and make it even more fun with edding. Simply use the new edding 4200 porcelain brushpen to design and paint your own unique mug with smiley faces and fun phrases and you'll always know exactly whose mug is whose! Available in 15 colours, in three colour coordinated sets of warm red tones, cool blue/green tones, or mixed colours. The creamy application ensures an even colour distribution and with the flexible brushpen nib you can create a fine to broad brushstroke. We show you how easy it is to achieve amazing results every time.

Hints & tips: To paint on dark porcelain, use the porcelain pen in a dark shade. If you want to apply layers of colour without them mixing together, allow the first colour to dry before applying the next. Fine points and lines work best when you hold the pen at a sharp angle and only place the nib tip on the mug. To enjoy the intense colour for longer, store the brushpen horizontally after use as this keeps the colour pigments in the ink evenly distributed.

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Porcelain brush pens
Glass and mirror
Porcelain and ceramic
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Cups and mugs made of light-coloured porcelain, glazed ceramic or heat-resistant glass
  • Methylated spirits
  • A damp cloth/cotton buds
  • Paper for test designs/templates
  • A conventional oven

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