Make your own wedding decorations: Fill your day with love

Hearts for a wedding party – made with the edding 4200 porcelain brushpen

Hearts are a classic symbol of love, so make sure your day is full of them! This porcelain heart decoration can displayed hanging up, or used as name place cards or table decor – ideal if you're looking for wedding decorations on a budget. Decorate the hearts with the new edding 4200 porcelain brushpen, available in 15 colours and in three colour coordinated sets: warm red tones, cool blue/green tones, and assorted colours. The creamy application ensures an even colour distribution and the flexible brushpen nib lets you create a fine to broad brushstroke. We show you how easy it is to achieve amazing results every time.

Porcelain brush pens
Glass and mirror
Porcelain and ceramic
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Hearts made of light-coloured porcelain, glazed ceramic or heat-resistant glass
  • A conventional oven
  • Methylated spirits
  • A damp cloth/cotton buds
  • Paper for test designs/templates
  • Ribbon

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