Holidays Ahoy!

Nautical decor ideas even landlubbers can enjoy

Holidays over already? Don’t fret, the next one is hopefully not too far away! In the meantime, savour the memories of your last trip by turning souvenir pebbles and shells into beautiful home decorations. Artfully arranged on the windowsill, these collectibles add decorative flair. You can even add some driftwood and small folded paper boats to make the perfect holiday scene. Those who want to create their own nautical decor need only reach for edding Permanent Spray paints and gloss paint markers to add a personal touch. The ink in the gloss paint marker is highly opaque and works particularly well on dark, smooth or spray painted surfaces.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • Pebbles and small stones in various shapes and sizes – the smoother the surface, the better
  • Thick paper in different colours, e.g. maritime green and blue
  • Stencils for the numbers and letters (you can download them here)

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