DIY painted vase

Perfect for displaying spring flowers

Embroidery patterns have become trendy again – and not just on tablecloths and place mats, but also as a painted motif on all kinds of decorative accessories. With edding porcelain brush pens, you can also add embroidery-style designs to plates, cups or vases made of ovenproof ceramic or porcelain. The cross-stitch “T” for “tulip” gives this plain white vase a stylish new look that’s crying out for a bunch of spring flowers. The patterns are really easy: all you need to do is draw rows of crosses. Or, if you prefer, you can choose any other motif you like. The versatile tip of the brushpen allows you to produce fine lines as well as broad brush strokes, and due to its smooth application, you’ll get an even finish without drips or clumps. When you’ve finished painting, let the ink dry for a short while, then bake the vase in a pre-heated oven. Your design will then be dishwasher-safe.

Special gifts
Porcelain brush pens
Porcelain and ceramic
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Light-coloured vase made of porcelain or ovenproof ceramic
  • Water and methylated spirits for initial cleaning
  • A damp cloth or cotton buds to wipe off any mistakes
  • A conventional oven

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