DIY painted jewellery dish

A brilliant gift idea for your best friend: Dainty jewellery dishes painted in shades of green and blue

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for your best friend, then how about this DIY jewellery dish? We think it’s rather special! To give it an individual look, you can decorate it in beautiful colours using edding porcelain brush pens. Follow our step-by-step instructions - you simply can’t go wrong! The porcelain brush pens are superb for painting on porcelain, ovenproof glass and glazed ceramic. For our nature-inspired motifs we chose shades of blue and green, but you could just as easily use warm reds or an array of different colours. The brushpens come in a range of co-ordinated colours, and their special ink has a silky texture which produces an even finish. Once you have painted your design, leave the ink to dry for a short while before fixing the design by baking it in a pre-heated oven. Your dishes will then be dishwasher-safe.

Special gifts
Porcelain brush pens
Porcelain and ceramic
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Small, light-coloured bowls made of porcelain or ovenproof ceramic
  • Water and methylated spirits for initial cleaning
  • Cotton buds and a damp cloth for making corrections
  • A conventional oven

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