DIY light box letters - No Drama Llama

Light up your messages, sentiments and quotes

Retro style light boxes are hugely popular right now. They remind us of those illuminated cinema signs dating back to the 50s. What’s more, they certainly make an eye-catching talking point in any room – whether as a visual highlight for your hallway, living room, bedroom, at a wedding celebration or as a surprise for a loved one. edding’s practical permanent markers can help you create your own quotes, announcements and romantic messages to reflect your mood and light them up with LEDs. The wording is written on a sheet of film and inserted into the existing slots on the light box. And best of all: you can redesign the light box as many times as you want. So if you’re fed up with your old message and want to display a really special welcome for your visitors or party guests, it’s no problem, just slide in a new message strip.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • A light box with three lines
  • Overhead projector film or other strong film from an office supplies store.
  • Llama template
  • White drawing paper, scissors, pencil

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