Decorating eggs – the easy way

Easter decorations that are easy to spot!

What would Easter be without the fun of blowing out and painting eggs – it simply wouldn’t feel right! So this year our creative team has thought up a simple Easter decoration that’s really easy to copy: eggs decorated with spots in a multitude of colours and shades. Whether you use large spots or small, try decorating each egg in a single colour rather than a combination for an altogether more sophisticated effect.

To help you recreate this idea, edding matt paint markers are available in a range of vibrant colours and a choice of two stroke widths. The acrylic ink in these markers is completely opaque, making it ideal for hand-crafted Easter decorations and perfect for blown-out eggs. The markers are available in 12 waterproof, semi-matt shades including white, gold and silver.

Not only beautiful as a table decoration, these painted eggs will also look great hanging from a branch indoors – or even out in the garden, because the acrylic ink in the markers is weather-proof and will not fade.

Paint markers
Easy peasy
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  • Blown-out eggs
  • Thin wooden stick

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