Decorating a camping lantern

Create your own atmospheric outdoor lighting

For many of us, it’s a life dream to tour the world in a camper van and switch off completely from everyday life, to stop in beautiful places, fetch chairs and table from the van, set up the camping lantern, sit back and watch the sun go down.... If this sounds right up your street, here’s a great DIY idea that’s easy to copy: why not decorate your own camping lantern? You can use edding permanent markers to add whatever design you fancy and turn it into something decorative and eye-catching. It would also make a cosy addition to your home – on a balcony or patio, for instance. Permanent markers are available in a variety of stroke widths and a wide array of colours. But if you prefer something finer, then reach for the classic edding 3000 or the edding 400. Or for even bolder designs, choose the edding 500 permanent marker. We opted for a black-and-white illustration, but you can go for a multi-coloured design or simply pick your favourite colours.

Permanent markers
Glass and mirror
Plastic and foil
Easy peasy
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