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Hand lettering on any surface – with edding

One of the latest trends is to take hand-made greetings cards, add some wording embellished with illustrations, frame them and then mount them on the wall or use them as a window display. When written in attractive lettering, these captions or slogans often look like the work of an artist, but this couldn’t be further from the truth; you really don’t need to be another Picasso as anyone can do it! Hand lettering, or the art of drawing elaborate letters by hand, is a creative pastime that everyone can enjoy. All you need is a suitable piece of text, some creative flair (or a good template) and a little bit of assistance from edding.

Hand lettering is all about drawing letters in an artistic way, although the design itself can be whatever you want. It’s entirely up to you to choose a style of lettering and to decide how elaborate you want the chalkboard to look. edding chalk markers are an essential tool for lettering by hand, because the liquid chalk in these handy pens not only makes it easy to apply the lettering, it also makes it easy to remove. To guarantee easy removal of ink when working with chalk markers, always ensure the surface you apply them to is non-porous. If a spelling mistake should creep in, or you want to change your design, simply wipe the sealed surface with a damp cloth to make corrections in the blink of an eye!

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Other materials

  • Sheet of medium density fibreboard (MDF)
  • Masking tape
  • Paper for testing
  • Something to cover your work area and protect it from spray marks

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