Create your own shabby chic style: a new-look mirror with added panache

"Make new things from old" – revamp decorative mirrors with edding Permanent Sprays

Spray old items in fresh, light pastel shades to create a completely new look and add harmonious splashes of colour to your home. "Light lavender" – the in colour recently added to the edding Permanent Spray range – will transform any old mirror frame into a real centrepiece in just a few easy steps. What’s more, there are three other pastel shades to choose from to refresh your decor and lift your spirits. It's an idea well worth checking out today!

Home decor
Living room
Permanent spray
Plastic and foil
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • A mirror – perhaps from an antiques market or your loft, or simply one that you would like to revamp with a new coat of paint
  • A protective covering for your work area (newspaper, dust sheet)
  • Masking tape and paper for masking the mirror glass

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