Beautiful and practical wooden toolboxes

A handy and decorative way to store your gardening tools

The question that all gardeners face is: Where can you put your multitude of gardening tools such as fork, trowel and gardening gloves? Simple wooden toolboxes not only keep all your gardening equipment handy, but also make for very decorative planters for herbs and flowers. You can even use small boxes to store seeds in.

With edding matt paint markers you can design and paint any wooden, terracotta, and cardboard surface as the ink provides a silk-matt finish and offers excellent coverage on light and dark porous surfaces. And best of all – the ink is waterproof and weatherproof, so is ideally suited for all garden and patio decorations. You can choose from two different stroke widths and 12 bright colours.

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Paint markers
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Wooden tool boxes in various sizes (available in DIY stores and garden centres)
  • Pencil for sketching; test paper
  • Letter templates (optional)

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