A lovely towel to brighten up a kitchen

edding textile markers help create a personal touch in the kitchen

Kitchens are primarily equipped to be functional and practical. But this doesn't mean that your kitchen can't feature a little personal flair, of course. From decorating a tea towel to creating your own design on oven gloves, there are hundreds of creative ways to pep up any kitchen and turn it into a cosy living space. In our example we simply copied the teapot template and transferred it onto the textiles in red, although you can choose any colour you like. As well as bringing personal style to your own kitchen, a uniquely decorated tea towel also makes a great gift.

Regardless of whether you want to decorate tea towels or oven gloves, edding textile markers are indispensable helpers –  available in two thicknesses and a choice of 20 vibrant colours.

Home decor
Textile markers and pens
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Tea towel or oven gloves in a light-coloured weave (e.g. cotton or linen)
  • Template with teapot motif, for copying (included)
  • Cardboard as a base to paint on
  • An iron

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