Corporate culture

eddipreneurship, eddiplementorship and edding ink

These are the three core values which define our Corporate culture. Eddipreneurship is derived from the term “entrepreneurship” and means the courage and the imagination to do things differently. Not just when it comes to markets or business models, but to try out and champion new things in general.

We use the term eddiplementorship to describe the ability to implement new ideas in a solution-focused and effective manner. It combines our company name with the word “implementation”.

edding ink is the cultural element that binds everything and everyone. This magic liquid is made up of ingredients such as loyalty, a willingness to help, openness, trust and sustainable, responsible actions.

Work and family

Wherever possible, we, as an employer, establish the necessary prerequisites to achieve the best possible work-life balance. For example, we are a founding member of a charity and the associated charitable GmbH offering various services that make it easier to combine work and family. Our employees are therefore able to benefit from free emergency childcare at home or in the office as well as childcare cover in special situations.