edding 1200 colour pen fine - the classic

edding 1200 colour pen fine - colours for every day

You can write, draw or sketch on coloured light paper with many sorts of pens, but none make it as pleasant and simple as colour pen. Its fine bullet nib glides effortlessly over the surface when writing postcards or personal messages in greetings cards. Spontaneous sketches and drawings that need a steady stroke width are a piece of cake with this classic pen - plus it is available in many vibrant colours.

The edding 1200 colour pen fine has a 1 mm thick round nib. The pen's ink is water-based and light-resistant, ensuring durable results on light coloured paper or card.

Useful in many different situations, from editing scripts, writing notes, drawing and sketching this edding is a perfect all-rounder.

Its water-based ink flows easily on paper and cardboard without bleeding through. The edding 1200 colour pen fine is available in a broad variety of colours.

  • Round nib 1 mm
  • Water-based ink
  • Paper
  • Carton paper
  • Made in Germany


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