Portrait painting in neon colours

Artistic portraits of your loved ones

If you love vibrant colours and high-contrast artwork, this portrait idea could be just the thing for you! We’ll show you a no-nonsense way to paint a portrait on canvas using edding acrylic markers in brilliant neon colours. Thanks to our fantastic choice of up to 26 opaque colours, we can also cater for those who prefer softer tones. The acrylic range consists of four different products, enabling you to paint larger areas of painting as well as add delicate touches of colour. For a personalised portrait, we recommend our easy-to-use template generator as a simple way to turn a photo into a custom template.

How to paint with acrylics
Acrylic range
A bit more challenging
Images (ZIP)


Products and materials

Other materials

  • A3 art canvas
  • Template
  • Soft pencil


Additional images

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