Make your own Advent calendar Part 1

Nice things come in small packages

See Part 2 for instructions on how to make the festive fabric bags.

What could be more heart-warming than seeing a child’s face light up each day during the countdown to Christmas? Whether it's a child or someone who’s simply young at heart, you'll certainly make their eyes light up when you give them this decorative Advent calendar crafted by you! The frame is made from strips of wood in different lengths and each one is decorated with a Christmassy theme using edding calligraphy pens and calligraphy markers which look great and show up well on rough surfaces. In our example, we went for “Merry Christmas” in a variety of languages, but you can just let your imagination run free and make up your own designs.

Calligraphy markers and pens
A bit more challenging
Images (ZIP)


Products and materials

Other materials

  • A square-edged length of wood, approx. 1.4 m long
  • 6 wooden battens in different lengths, ranging from approx. 1 m for the longest down to 40 cm for the shortest (available from DIY stores)
  • 12 wood screws & a screwdriver
  • 28 nails & a hammer (to attach little packages and pine sprigs)
  • Sprigs of pine for decorating

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