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Gel roller cards for a special birthday greeting

If you’re looking for inspiration for a greetings card that’s original yet simple to make, this idea may be just the thing for you! With the aid of edding gel rollers, you’ll be making creative and effective birthday cards in no time at all. For a striking and stylish effect on dark-coloured paper, we suggest designs using a combination of white and metallic shades, or just white on its own. The white gel roller is also handy for adding beautiful highlights to individual letters, and for small decorative touches – resulting in amazing creations. The gel rollers glide smoothly across the paper, and they’re also quick-drying, which means the writing won’t smudge. There are 17 vibrant colours to choose from, including seven opaque metallics and two pastel shades.

Craft your own cards
Gel rollers
Paper, carton and cardboard
Easy peasy
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Other materials

  • Dark-coloured card, e.g. brown
  • Pencil

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