Easter crafts with egg cartons

Creative Easter gift wrap with bunnies

Egg cartons aren’t just perfect for storing eggs – they also make wonderful crafting materials and can be used both as room decorations and gift packaging for little Easter gifts. You can use an edding permanent spray to transform the cardboard with a range of beautiful shades; from soft pastel shades to vivid natural tones, the sky’s the limit – and you’ll be amazed at how a lick of paint will give your cartons a fresh spring feel. Your DIY Easter packaging will have plenty of room for painted eggs or other little trinkets. And the Easter Bunny himself will be watching over your stash, as we’ve painted a rabbit figurine in metallic colours and glued it to the lid. The trendy metallic shades copper and rose gold from the permanent spray range will give your Easter gift a warm yet refined touch, the perfect complement to the cool mint shade of the egg carton.

Gift packing
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Small egg cartons
  • Rabbit figurines (e.g. from a toy shop)
  • Protective cover for spraying, gloves
  • Glue, e.g. UHU All-Purpose Adhesive


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