DIY corner bookmarks

Crafting fun for little bookworms

If you’re a keen reader yourself, or you fancy making a little surprise for someone who loves books, this craft idea is bound to be right up your street! Find out how to make your own corner bookmark with our step-by-step guide. First, do all the folding, then use edding Funtastics to add your designs in a blaze of colour. Although a bookmark’s really practical, this beautiful corner bookmark is also lovely to look at! It will protect the pages of your favourite books, and you’ll always know what page you’re on. The folding instructions are available for you to download from our website. If you can’t quite get the hang of it straight away, perhaps a grown-up can lend a helping hand. Don’t hold back when you’re colouring, just draw whatever you like! The pens come in a choice of two different stroke widths and up to 18 bright and cheerful shades.

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