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Art-and-craft sessions with family and friends are not only great fun, they can also boost your mood. Here’s a smart-looking t-shirt you can decorate yourself, emblazoned with the word “hello” made up of hundreds of tiny dots. This technique works best with edding textile markers on light-coloured fabrics, especially cotton. Anyone, young or old, can join in with the designing: it’s simply a case of grabbing markers in your favourite colours and drawing dot after dot until a beautiful effect is achieved. You can choose between two different stroke widths and an array of 20 shades, including neon colours for a particularly vibrant effect. You can even wash the t-shirt without problem simply by heat-fixing your design with an iron on the “no steam” setting.

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Products and materials

Other materials

  • T-shirt in a light-coloured fabric
  • “hello” template
  • Self-adhesive black film
  • Carbonless copy paper
  • Paper and scissors
  • Piece of cardboard as backing protection
  • An iron


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