Colouring pictures as decorations with an autumnal theme

Drawing and decorating for relaxation

There are so many ways to relax: some people like to unwind with a session of yoga, whilst others engross themselves in an interesting book or simply enjoy a nice cuppa. Colouring and drawing has been proven to combat stress and anxiety, which is why many people find themselves reaching for a pen and paper to enjoy some time out.

Here we are focusing on the simple act of colouring pictures to promote calmness and relaxation. And not only that, colouring is even more fun when you use the edding 1200 range of colourpens, available in 24 vibrant colours that can also be mixed to create stunning effects. With a fine nib 0.5-1 mm wide, the edding 1200 can handle the finest of details. When coloured in, these finely detailed leaves and feathers make a lovely, rustic autumn decoration for added warmth in your home this October.




Colouring and Zendoodle
Fibre and felt pens
Paper, carton and cardboard
Easy peasy
Images (ZIP)


Products and materials

Other materials

  • White card or thick white paper
  • Scissors
  • Photo/memo clips with a base so you can display your decorations upright

Additional images

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