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Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the edding EcoLine range.

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What are the advantages of using post-consumer materials?

Thanks to the sustainable use of post-consumer plastics, edding is recycling plastic waste, significantly reducing its production of virgin material, and therefore preventing the emission of up to 83 tonnes of CO2 every year! This amount of CO2 would be enough for a car to travel around the world 10 times.

The so-called post-consumer waste produced by private households, agriculture, trade and industry constitutes by far the largest portion of total plastic waste generated. Using post-consumer materials in production contributes to the recycling of a portion of this total volume of waste.

What is the difference between recycled materials and renewable resources?

Recycled materials are used in the EcoLine permanent, whiteboard and flipchart markers. This means we use reprocessed materials instead of newly produced plastic, thus saving resources. In the EcoLine edding 24 highlighter we mainly use renewable resources, i.e., organic raw materials of which there is an infinite supply.

Are the EcoLine products of a different quality to the normal edding products?

The EcoLine products use the same ink and thus have the same marking properties as the comparable standard products. As such, they too offer the 100% proven edding quality. 

Can I also return markers which have run out of ink to edding?

We offer special return boxes for collecting markers which have run out of ink. When full, the return boxes can be sent to edding for proper disposal. For more information, please click here.

Is the refilling of EcoLine markers a laborious process?

Our capillary refilling systems mean refilling edding markers couldn’t be simpler: The marker is placed in the bottle with the nib pointing downwards for at least one hour. During this time the pen takes up just the right amount of ink. It is then ready for use straight away.

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