August 19, 2016

Stylish decorative ideas borrowed from nature

Nature is at its most resplendent during autumn, when landscapes glow in warm hues from golden yellow to deep red. At this time of year, what could be nicer than going for a walk for a breath of fresh air before returning home to get nice and cosy?

You’ll find perfect decorative materials right at your feet – leaves in a vast array of shapes and colours. First, press the leaves for a few days until they’re dry. Next, add some stylish decoration. With their fine nibs, edding gloss paint markers are ideal for this. You can achieve magical effects by going over the natural pattern of the leaf’s veins, for example. 


Miniature ornamental pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and colours are now available in the shops. What’s more, they make wonderful table decorations. Using edding Permanent Spray, you can paint the pumpkins in the colour that goes best with your autumn decorations (by the way, this is also a great decorative idea for a stylish Hallowe'en party). There are 34 shades to choose from, ranging from pastel yellow to gentian blue and gold. edding Permanent Spray is particularly good for decorating the rough, uneven surfaces of natural materials such as pine cones, shells or pumpkins. 


                                                                                       Herbstblätter mit zarten Mustern gestalten

Quick guide to making leaf decorations:

  • Start by pressing a selection of colourful autumn leaves for a few days
  • Using an edding 780 gloss paint marker (stroke width: 0.8 mm) in white, draw delicate patterns, for example by going over the leaf veins. It’s entirely up to you what you do!
  • Paint markers must be activated before use by following the instructions 
  • In total, there are eight completely opaque, shiny colours to choose from
  • If you are using more than one colour, let the first colour dry before continuing with the next


Quick guide to decorating ornamental pumpkins:

  • The best way to display these as a decoration is to use a variety of shapes
  • edding Permanent Spray Acrylic Paint in one or more of your favourite colours
  • Example: Rich Gold
  • It’s best to spray outdoors, with a large protective cover placed underneath. Apply edding Permanent Spray to the pumpkins using rapid strokes. We recommend horizontal and vertical strokes when spraying to ensure a more even jet of paint (details on working with edding Permanent Spray can be found at:  
  • Finally, allow the paint to dry thoroughly – and there you have it: your table decoration is finished!




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