October 08, 2014

edding 7 - Mini highlighters with maximum brightness!

"Highlight your WORLD!" is edding’s message to young people everywhere! Available in five bright neon colours, the new mini highlighter from edding is now setting off on its journey into pencil cases around the world.

edding 7 - highlight your world!

Marker specialist edding is sending a new miniature member of its family into action with the launch of its super-small edding 7 mini highlighter. And it’s not just schoolchildren who are going to love it, because beneath the cap sits a highlighter pen with incredibly bright ink. The five bright neon colours (yellow, orange, pink, blue and green) are available from September.

edding 7 blister cardToday’s school pupils have a heavy workload: whether poring over books, studying texts, preparing presentations or writing reports, it’s always important to be able to spot the most relevant points. What, then, could be more helpful than a highlighter available in a range of different colours to emphasise those really important bits? Neon yellow to highlight essential information, neon pink for additional details.... Traditional highlighters are usually too bulky, which can mean students only have enough space for one pen. That’s why the size of the edding 7 is absolutely spot-on; what’s more, it is fun to use and will jazz up any pencil case. And because it’s so small, pupils can fit several of them in their pencil case.

edding 7 bonboniereAlong with a chisel tip measuring 1 – 3 mm, other attributes of this attractive mini highlighter include the extremely bright, neon-coloured ink and a non-slip, ergonomic grip for pleasurable writing in comfort. It will fit into any trouser pocket, making it ideal for people on the move.

The removable cap - complete with clip - fits neatly onto the other end of the pen, almost doubling the length of the mini highlighter, also boosting its appeal to more senior students who don’t want to miss a particular passage of text or overlook specific details in a report.

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